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Attending opening day at Riverfront Stadium with her player-hunting girlfriends, Amelena Hart shifts from spectator to staffer with a spot on the Promo team when Gage Landers, a sports management intern, rescues her from an awkward situation. As the Wind Splurge baseball team strings together a series of wins in their inaugural season, Gage tackles problems that arise using his resolution first mantra, but he doesn’t factor in attraction to Lena among those nightly complications. After all, he’s headed for a dream career in professional football once the baseball season ends. When a hidden scam starts diverting team revenue, shady characters darken the sidelines. Lena helps Gage strategize against invisible 3-D threats, but struggles to win his heart.

Just like crime, romance doesn’t pay.

Lena has until the last out of the season

to turn Gage’s misaligned logic in her favor.

Will this home run hunter accomplish a last-minute walk-off win?

Audiobooks Now Available by Author Cindy M. Amos

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