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Pursuing a seasonal job at her favorite craft store, Etsy Barber gets more than she bargained for when she joins a ragtag team to accomplish the store’s pending relocation to a newer building. Helping to guide this “upload” process, assistant manager Trevor Miller befriends Etsy and can’t fight the attraction that leads to a cozy partnership back in the warehouse as they clear out the old store to fill the new one. Trouble-bound, the upload crew must weather the ire of the head manager Ray Birch, and accidents start occurring with startling frequency. Tiptoeing around the company’s anti-fraternization clause, Trevor and Etsy join forces to pull the team together, but a career-threatening retaliation may just end their allegiance. When a devious Santa shows up during the holiday rush, can Etsy count on her training—or end up with a tainted Upload Christmas?

                       A storefront romance is bound to have too much visibility,

                        but Trevor might have a saving option right in plain sight.

Audiobooks Now Available by Author Cindy M. Amos

Redeeming River Rancher / Saving Bicycle Man /

Sweet Regrets from Sourwood / Silver Lining at Mustang Pass

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