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Kitsch Kick-Out

Jace Anders harbors a clutter of racing trophies at his marina. But when he hires stylish Sunny Del Reo with Kitsch Kick-Out for a business makeover, he can’t seem to stay out of her redesign plans on a more personal basis. Claiming to be colorblind to the messes he leaves in his wake, her improvements are hard to accept. Upbeat Sunny gains his confidence, but when the racing circuit members arrive for the opening night mixer, everything starts to falter. While Jace tries to protect his kid sister from recurring harm, his romantic ties with the designer founder on the rocks. Can he jettison his love affair with his trophies in time to catch the real prize?


Opposites can always find middle ground in rough seas…

As long as love and trust keep an even keel.

Audiobooks Now Available by Author Cindy M. Amos

Redeeming River Rancher / Saving Bicycle Man /

Sweet Regrets from Sourwood / Silver Lining at Mustang Pass

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